Tiye Naeemah Cort


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of FeminEssay 

I like to think of my life as an open book, and The Black Educator is just a few pages that I have dog-eared and annotated to make sure that important stories and lessons are never forgotten.

I never wanted to be a teacher. As much as I played school in my spare time as a child, I never imagined that I would someday find myself standing inside of a classroom with "Ms. Cort" printed on the other side of my door.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what I became for a short time while completing my Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Secondary Education at Emmanuel College. I transitioned into teaching high school English before being accepted into a Ph.D. program at The University of Texas at Austin. I ultimately decided to study research in Curriculum and Instruction in the area of Language and Literacy Studies. While I would love to brag about how many books I've read, all of the schooling that I've experienced, and the different ideas that I have about education, you can read about all of that on my blog!

What started out as a digital writer's notebook for reflection on my experiences as a black educator turned into a platform for sharing, discussing, and engaging in dialogue about the very things that black educators grapple with in the United States: race, culture, identity, education, and how it all comes together in our schools. I did not want to be a teacher because I knew that teaching would mean daily diving into those topics whether they were spoken about or not and I imagined that the mental exhaustion would never be worth the sacrifice. I was wrong. Sharing my experiences, my story, and the meaning that I make of it all is worth the sacrifice.

After working as a teacher, administrator, coach, and now as a university field supervisor and doctoral student, I've found that my writing applies not only to fellow black educators but to all people who want to engage with social justice and other difficult ambiguous topics of discussion that are such huge parts of our lives.

I am more than an educator, and that is why I write about more than education. I write about life, and while that includes education, mine also includes God, family, friends, work, travel, TV, and delicious food. I can't promise that it will always be interesting, but I can promise that I will always be honest about what I choose to share. 

As you read, I encourage you to comment and share any tidbits that resonate with you. Take what you can and share it with the world!

XO, Tiye